The Importance of Master Data Management

Digital Transformation requires that all of your systems communicate. The challenge is how to achieve data wrangling with the quantity and silos of data that need tracking and sharing among business teams. The answer is simplifying outdated silos by creating easy-to-share data relationships using multi-domain MDM.

Digital transformation is a hot topic in the business world, and for good reason. Companies must adopt modern technologies and processes to stay competitive in today’s increasingly connected world. One area that is often overlooked in digital transformations is master data management (MDM). MDM gets all your systems on the same page. It creates data consistency and mobility and ensures that you have good enterprise architecture.

MDM is the process of centrally managing an organization’s critical data, such as customer and product information. This data is difficult to track because it is often spread across multiple systems. It is essential to consider how this data will be managed during digital transformation.

There are many benefits to implementing MDM during a digital transformation. It can help to improve data quality and consistency, reduce duplicate data, and improve decision-making. Additionally, it can help to simplify integrations with new systems and processes. MDM should be a key consideration for small to medium businesses embarking on a digital transformation.

Defining Master Data

Master Data is data that is shared among business teams and systems. Master Data Management is the governance process for your master data. 

A common point of view is that master data management falls into two domain support categories; product and customer. This conception creates time-consuming and ineffective silos of information. Without an effective MDM maintaining data in multiple systems requires users to manually input data into different systems to keep them running and updated across the organization. This approach to data management can lead to inconsistencies.

“Through 2025, more than 75% of MDM programs will fail to meet business expectations because of a failure to connect MDM value to business value.”


An end-to-end Master Data Management Platform

Unlike traditional silos of data, we at Axis Technologies see master data management as a network of relationships. Connecting data domains and other reference data together form data relationships that can be quickly shared among business team members and systems. We understand that easy-to-understand implementation, ease of use, and an effective workflow for data relationships, are critical for your enterprise architecture and business performance.

Considering the importance of MDM in your business’s Digital Transformation, Axis Technologies offers a software platform that helps organizations manage their data and business processes. Our MDM solution provides a variety of features and tools that can be used to improve efficiency and productivity. A great choice for businesses of all sizes, as it is scalable and can be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations. Additionally, Axis Technologies MDM solution is easy to use. It has a wide range of integration options, making it a versatile platform that can be used in a variety of ways.

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