Remediation & Forensics


Recover from Ransomware & Cyber Attacks

Recovering from security breaches, data theft and ransomware attacks is daunting. It’s not easy to identify the source of the breach, isolate affected systems and restore operations. Our Cyber-on-Call® Division provides professional cybersecurity remediation services to identify, contain and neutralize cyber threats, as well as forensic services to determine the sources of the hacking incident to assist our clients in navigating complex legal and regulatory reporting requirements.

Investigate Breach

Investigate incidents, detect anomalies & uncover fraudulent activity to file legal reports and prevent future breaches.

Contain Damage

Isolate compromised endpoints, laptops, desktops & mobile devices from the network to contain the damage.

Restore Systems

Remediate affected systems and recover from network backups to restore IT operations & avoid ransomware payouts. 

Quickly Restore IT Operations

Have you been hit by a data breach? Has your data been compromised? Is your business the victim of a ransomware attack?
Contact us immediately to investigate the source of the breach, isolate affected systems and restore operations as quickly as possible.