Identify & Remove Security Blind Spots

Only 20% of cyberattack techniques are identified by detection tools due to system misconfigurations. Our Cyber-on-Call® Division helps organizations identify and remove security coverage blind spots by conducting an efficient, 8-hour purple team exercise to simulate threat hunting and remediation on your production network. We help visualize security control failures, provide remediation guidance and deliver a comprehensive report with pass/fail ratings.

Simulate Attacks

Simulate attacks via “agents,” which are run on a small sample of endpoints selected by the customer.

Test Controls

Visualize security stack coverage, receive detection and alerting scores and review remediation recommendations.

Improve Response

Provide your network defense team with hands-on training for various attack techniques to improve incident response. 

Prepare Your Team for Cyber Attacks

Do you know how your company would respond to a real-world ransomware, supply chain or other cyber attack?
Contact us today to identify security gaps, improve incident response times and reduce mean time to containment and remediation.