Security Information Event Management


Advanced Threat Detection

Many security teams are overwhelmed with security alerts from legacy SIEM systems. It’s easy to overlook critical alerts when security analysts are buried underneath thousands of false positives, increasing the potential risk of cyber attacks, ransomware and data loss. Our Cyber-on-Call® Division helps organizations deploy modern, cloud-native SIEM systems that leverage AI & machine learning to streamline data ingestion, illuminate unseen threats & accelerate incident response.

Correlate Data

Ingest, correlate and enrich security analytics across the enterprise: network traffic, web servers, SaaS apps and more.

Detect Anomalies

Discover threats, malfunctions and anomalous behavior across any log data stream that might signal cyber attacks.

Respond to Alerts

Automatically prioritize alerts and contain threats by isolating devices, disabling accounts and resetting credentials.

Harness the Future of Security Analytics

Is your legacy SIEM able to quickly detect, contain and prevent advanced cyber threats automatically?
Contact us today to implement a modern SIEM to streamline data ingestion, automate threat detection & accelerate incident response.