Guidelines for Strong Passwords

To celebrate #WorldPasswordDay, we’ve compiled guidelines for strong passwords, and for creating and saving your online passwords. 

The Danger of Weak Passwords

A single weak password may be all it takes for hackers to gain access to sensitive company information and cause widespread damage. In fact, 80% of all data breaches occur due to weak and easily guessable passwords. The worst part? It takes an average hacker just 11 minutes to crack a weak password.

Protect Your Business By Following These Guidelines to Create Strong Passwords

To prevent weak passwords from compromising your business, there are several measures you can take. One crucial step is to establish a strict password policy that requires unique passwords for each account. Regular employee training can also educate your team on the importance of strong passwords and how to detect phishing attacks. You may want to consider using a password manager to generate and store complex passwords. Another effective way to protect your company’s accounts is to implement two-factor authentication. To ensure that your credentials are not on the Dark Web, it is recommended to conduct periodic audits such as the Enterprise Credential Exposure Test provided by CYBER-ON-CALL.

6 Guidelines For Creating Strong Passwords

Remind your employees to use these six simple tips for stronger passwords:

  1. Add Variety – Use uppercase, lowercase, characters, and numbers
  2. Don’t recycle – Don’t use the same password for all of your accounts
  3. Don’t use personal information – Avoid using birthdates or names from your loved ones
  4. Make it long – Use passwords longer than six characters when possible
  5. Change often – Password management apps and sites can help keep track
  6. Use a Password Manager – It is recommended to utilize a password manager to securely store all of your passwords. This eliminates the need to constantly remember them and enables you to create strong and unique passwords for your crucial accounts.

We encourage you to save the image to use for future reference. 

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