SentinelOne is the leader in autonomous cybersecurity. SentinelOne’s Singularity™ Platform detects, prevents, and responds to cyber attacks at machine speed, empowering organizations to secure endpoints, cloud workloads, containers, identities, and mobile and network-connected devices with speed, accuracy and simplicity. Over 10,000 customers, including Fortune 10, Fortune 500, and Global 2000 companies, as well as prominent governments, trust SentinelOne to secure the future today.
  • Container, VM and Server Workload Security
  • Cloud data security
  • Identity threat detection and response
  • Active Directory attack surface reduction
  • Rogue asset discovery
  • Mobile threat defense
  • Orchestrate forensics at scale
  • Cloud-to-cloud telemetry streaming
  • Automatic file sample collection
  • Deception protection

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