Avocado delivers security technology that discovers, diagnose, monitors and protects cloud workloads, applications and APIs across the distributed ecosystem. Its runtime security continuously detects vulnerabilities and protects against attacks at a “moment of a crime.” Avocado enables real-time threat observability/modeling/analytics to mitigate vulnerabilities and plan preventive measures. Its “Observability of Unknown” capability detects sophisticated attacks, e.g., ZeroDay, where signature/pattern-based approaches fail. Avocado’s software process-microsegmentation enables Zero Trust enforcement. 

  • Automated Threat Monitoring for DevOps
  • Runtime Encryption of Legacy or Modern Apps
  • Stops Zero-Day Attacks
  • Later (E-W) Threat Detection
  • Runtime APO Discovery and Threat Detection
  • Observability of OWASP, non-OWASP and Architecture Threats

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