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Cyber Security

Meeting the challenges of cyber security and compliance is a daunting task for organizations to face. For most IT and DevOps teams, cyber security adds a tremendous burden to managing the environments where their workloads are hosted. We enable our clients to stay ahead of the ever-evolving threat landscape, get updated on market trends and regulations, and deal with potential impacts to their organizations - all backed by meticulous research and unparalleled expertise.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing has proven to hold a vital role in ensuring that weaknesses or vulnerabilities in company systems are exposed and acted on before being exploited by cyberattacks. Our Penetration and Vulnerability Assessment services provide an overall determination of information security risks within our clients' network environments.


  • Discover and test external internet presence
  • Red Team/Blue Team and tabletop exercises
  • Security Incident Response procedures assessments
  • Vulnerability scans of a representative sample of internal subnets
  • Application security review of sample web applications and application(s) environments for specific vulnerabilities
  • Social engineering tests on a representative sample of employees using email, phone, and removable media as attack vectors
  • Wireless security tests at corporate and sample field locations
  • Physical security testing, involved and scoped with the client, to cover potential exposures
  • Comprehensive reports for preventive and detective controls to protect against identified vulnerabilities

  • Follows ISO 27002 series and provides testing best practices, recommendations and reporting
  • Internal/external network penetration assessment and testing
  • Determination of incidents and reporting
  • Evaluation of existing security tools (i.e. IPS, SIEM, End-Point protection)
  • Comprehensive assessment and review of existing security network, policies and infrastructure
  • Identifying vulnerabilities of key servers and end-point devices
  • Vulnerability assessments based on identified organization constituents (targets to be determined with the client), including phishing and social engineering
  • Determinations on existing data security controls (“as-is” state of the overall security network)
  • Network traffic sniffing
  • Reconnaissance & Dark Net research to assess if IPs have already been compromised
  • Analysis and detection of the existence of malicious code or tools
  • Analysis and detection of both known and unknown hacking concerns for the client
  • Final comprehensive report and recommendations based on executed tests results

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The Enterprise Immune System

by Darktrace
Darktrace is a global artificial intelligence company engaged in the business of cyber defense.
“Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System is the only solution on the market that can detect and respond to never-before-seen threats in real time.”

—Angad Banga, Chief Operating Officer, The Caravel Group
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The Identity Standard

by Okta
Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, giving employees, customers, and partners secure access to the tools they need to do their most important work. Okta enables organizations to securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time.
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Insider Threat

by Securonix
Internal attacks are far more damaging than an external attack. See how having tools that give you insight into Users, Accounts, Devices and behaviors gives you the power to protect your people, data and assets.
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Operationalize Zero Trust

by Illumio
One platform for visibility and control across any data center and cloud environment. Seamlessly protect workloads wherever they go, however your business grows. There are hard things in life. Segmentation shouldn't be one of them.
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Business Intelligence & Infrastructure Software

Axis Technologies partners with TIBCO to bring you a smart, secure, governed, enterprise-class analytics platform with built-in data wrangling that delivers AI-driven, visual, geo, and streaming analytics. Whether you are beginning your analytics journey by building a simple dashboard, or working on generating deeper insights with a hyper-rich interactive analytic app, Spotfire supports you with numerous tools and techniques.
Real-time business intelligence enables business users to get up-to-the-minute data by comparing current business events with historical patterns to identify issues or opportunities automatically. It is made possible with data warehouses that include:
  • Data virtualization: abstracting, transforming, and delivering data from a variety of information sources so that it may be accessed by a consuming application or users upon request
  • Enterprise information integration: using data abstraction to provide a single interface for viewing all the data within an organization
  • Enterprise application integration: a collection of technologies and services which form a “middleware” to enable integration of systems and applications across the enterprise
  • Service-oriented architectures (SOA): flexible design principles used to package functionality as a suite of interoperable services that can be used by different domains within the same business

The bottom line is that real-time business intelligence supports instant decision-making. With real-time business intelligence, if a customer walks up to a checkout counter at a department store with a shirt, the cashier can tell him about the coordinating tie available for purchase in the adjacent department.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product complexity is increasing exponentially. Today's products are systems of systems with multiple layers of software and electronics. We help our clients transform their product processes for the future with innovative and robust PLM platforms. Our primary PLM platform is ARAS with its cloud-based subscription delivery model. ARAS provides the functionality you would expect from a world-class PLM system without the infrastructure and maintenance.
Axis Technologies provides a full spectrum of project management and programming professionals with extensive experience in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). We are partners with ARAS Corporation and provide ARAS PLM expertise for on-site and remote application architecture and development. We also offer the ARAS Innovator software Suite.

Depending on your PLM environment, Axis Technologies can provide the relevant expertise. Our mission is high quality, on-time deliverables within budget.

We help our clients optimize their investment while turning their product into profit by managing all aspects of PLM.

Our project management, programming, integration and/or support services can be engaged at any phase of your project. Our ability to integrate our programming services with our PM team enables our clients to launch new products in less time and lower cost. We utilize a “Tiger Team” approach.

We integrate compliance into all our clients’ processes and implement project data management to insure the end product will comply with associated regulations.

Axis Technologies’ experienced project managers help control production processes, cut costs and enable collaboration between your organization and your suppliers. Our goal is to expedite your project completion and to reach project goals on-time and within budget.

Throughout the entire product lifecycle from planning to programming, implementation and even support, Axis Technologies can be depended on to lead the team to a successful product launch.

Oblong Mezzanine Collaboration Systems

To overcome your biggest business challenges, you need access and visibility to multiple streams of data and full engagement from your team. Mezzanine delivers advanced collaboration to teams in spaces of all sizes—from small-to-medium-sized teaming rooms to large executive briefing centers. We partner with Oblong to create a visually immersive meeting environment for your teams to do their most important work.
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